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Posted on by Evangelist Joel Torres


Hi Everyone

Thank you so much for you patients for any delays of having our weekly scheduled program "WORD OF POWER" we were experiencing phone line issues which affected our network which today God gave us great favor with our local phone & internet provider in which they upgraded our service with a new network equipped for a very low price and added services for free with a faster internet speed. 

Thus was the reason we were delayed a extra week on airing "Word of Power". Thank you for your prayers and viewing support. Due to my busy schedule I' am currently working with another ministry with their telethon for the next 10 days and is the reason this program in an Audio presentation instead of airing it on video. I will be taping this same series on video when I am done with my job. 

Due to my November schedule this Month will be with only two Word of Power programs, next week will again be another shut-down week due to the telethon and Thanksgiving Holiday. Our program will air on a regular scheduled time the following week.

Thank you and God bless.

Evangelist Joel Torres


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