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Posted on by Evangelist Joel Torres

Join Evangelist Joel Torres as he shares updates and an encouraging word about "THE POWER OF GOD'S LOVE" a prelude to the up coming messages "Surrender" and Operating and Walking in God's Dimension" for next season 2015.

We thank you for all your viewing support and prayers that you have given us through this season, thank so much.

On behalf of Rev. Mike Bearden and myself and our families we want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year and divine protection over your travels, family, and ministry in Jesus name.

Your brothers in Christ,
Rev. Mike Bearden & Evangelist Joel Torres

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Posted on by Evangelist Joel Torres


We are continuing to working behind the scenes on some of the materials for next season, we apologize that we're a little behind schedule in taping our programs we hope to be taping our series on both programs soon before the year is out. My main computer is still out being repaired, but was able to purchase a new one, praise God!

We have received our studio lights and a few other spices of equipment that will help us get started for next season, as well some of the upgraded software we needed.

though we are still on a bit of non-broadcasting hiatus, it may seem that there's no activity, you can be certain that we are working on materials to publish in the future as spoken on our last video update, we hope that you will consider to become a Monthly financial giver with $10, $15, or $25.00 to our ministry or whatever God puts in your heart.

you can give online at http://epiclistening.blogspot.com/ or send checks too 3181 Olympic View Dr, Chino Hills, CA 91709

I had promise to bring you a small message regarding The Power of God's Love, I'll bring that as soon as I can, sorry for the delay, lots is going on behind the scenes and excited what God is doing. Please continue to send in your prayer requests too jtorresministries@msn.com or epiclistening@gmail.com as well, we're here to pray and come in agreement with you for what ever your asking and believing God for.

In order to fulfill the vision of this Network we can't do it alone but only through your generous giving, thank you to those who have begun to give through your giving, we were able to purchase the studio lights, software and one new HD camera that just recently come in, thank you so very much. I'll be putting up some pictures of the new equipment as mentioned so that you can get hold of some the vision as to what we're working toward and hopefully you'll partner with us with the opportunity of stewarding along side of us as God will credit it to you as a seed of faith of giving and He will bless you for it.

We praise God for your continued prayer and viewing support, your prayers are the most important gift we could receive, it breaks down barriers and covers us in all that we do for the Kingdom.

On behalf of both programs, God bless, your brothers in Christ

Evangelist Joel Torres & Rev Mike Bearden

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