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Posted on by Evangelist Joel Torres

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Many of God’s people are facing challenges, that’s challenging their faith at these times of uncertainties and economic down falls of financial losses. Many are disenchanted with their lives, their dreams and goals have not turned out the way they had expected.  

 I want to encourage you if you’re facing such a devastating issue, now I say devastating because it feels that your world is crumbling around you.  

 My wife and I have been there before but as we look back to that time and the journey its taken us and I as an individual, I have now gotten a bigger picture for my life and my family’s lives. I have a greater since of purpose that God has planned out for my life of Covenant.

 Now, know that God does have a plan for you, we know that this is true in His word found in Jeremiah 29:11-13:

11) For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Now, I would like to focus on the word declares from the above verse, when God speaks something out it becomes a powerful statement on your behalf.

1)      Announce something clearly or loudly, this means that God is stating something in a plan, and open manner!

2)      God is stating something officially which is an official announcement about somebody or something

3)      God is also stating something as an action or status in which its about an official statement that a particular course of action or status is in affect

4)      He is making a decision known or choice

5)      Announce officially that something is happening and officially that what He is announcing is something true!

Read verses 12-13 which tells you the way you are to approach him… conditions and requirements to be in position to hear and receive His plan for you.

 It may not seem that there is any kind of plan that you can see because of the challenges, and chaos that’s going on around you. You know even to this day we have never really recovered financially from that loss though it has shape our future because God has use this time for transformation that was needed to take place in us in order to be positioned to receive by God our break through. There’s a saying, that God is “disassembling in order to reassemble” I’m saying this because what you may not know is God is reassembling your life to position you to receiving you’re custom plan of reward that comes from faith and your covenant with Him.   

God had already planed ahead though many times we don’t understand why things happen and why we are facing losses… God says in his word that what He gives He adds no trouble to it.  

So be encouraged and know that God has a plan for you, as Verse 13 says, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”.

At this time I’m working on broadcasting some videos of inspiration that God has put in my heart which are in the works but meanwhile, I’ll began putting my thoughts on this blog from time to time until I have completed some of the programming to upload onto this channel in the near future.

Please feel free to comment on anything I’ve written, as well any prayer request you may have, my wife and I will stand in faith with you for your answers.  Please note due to my schedule I may not be able to respond immediately but I promise to check my blog as often as I can to answer any questions you may have.

I would also asked that you pray for me as I’m writing one of 3 books that the Lord has put in my heart that I would complete the first by the end of this year regarding “FAMILY COVENANT”

Thank you for taking the time to visiting my blog, please check every so often to see any updated material I put.

God Bless,

Evangelist, Joel Torres


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