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Wednesday 4 june 2014 3 04 /06 /Jun /2014 01:33

Join Rev. Mike Bearden and Evangelist Joel Torres as they conclude their series "Pastoral Burnout" We hope that this series has been informative and a blessing on this subject. 

We want to hear from you who are leaders and feel that you may be going through a sort of burnout, please let us know we want to come along side of you and pray over that God would reveal those things that you need to spiritually align yourself through that guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your prayer and viewing support over this ministry.

Sincerely, Rev Mike Bearden and Evangelist Joel Torres

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Saturday 24 may 2014 6 24 /05 /May /2014 00:29

Welcome back thank for joining us, as we continue our discussion regarding Pastoral Burnout, and things to be mindful of when we are in leadership and in a position of a Pastor. This segment 3 - part 1 will be followed by part 2 on the last week of May.

Please be sure to subscribe to our channel and website, please send in your prayer requests to epiclisteningmbjt@gmail.com Rev. Mike and I would love to up hold you in prayer and be in agreement with you for whatever your believing for in Christ.

We're here for you, so send in your comments let us know how were doing and your testimonies we would love to here from you.

Thanks for your viewing and prayer support for this ministry.

God bless

Evangelist Joel Torres & Rev. Mike Bearden




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Monday 19 may 2014 1 19 /05 /May /2014 18:29

Welcome back for another segment as Ev. Joel Torres continues his series on how to pursue the right things in life for the right inspiration that will allow you to reach your full potential that God has in-place over your life to living a fulfilled life of purpose and achieving destiny.

please be sure to write your comments and send any of your prayer requests, thank you for your support.

Evangelist Joel Torres




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Thursday 15 may 2014 4 15 /05 /May /2014 04:00

Welcome back to anther segment of "PASTORAL BURNOUT" where Rev. Mike Bearden and Evangelist Joel Torres continue their discussion on the pitfalls of ministry burnout.

Thank you for joining us we hope that this series will be a help to seasoned and first time Pastors to preventing overall ministry burnout, for you and your leadership you may have in-place. 

Rev. Mike Bearden & Evangelist Joel Torres

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